Terms & Conditions

Below are the details of the conditions of use for our sites, applications and services by DeliveryNamibia.com (Delivery Namibia™). DeliveryNamibia.com is Namibia's Largest Meal Order Platform.

The below Terms are applicable to all users of this web site. Information correct as of March 2016.

Protection of Privacy
DeliveryNamibia.com has a deep respect for the privacy of our users and wants to ensure that no personal information is passed onto third parties unless needed for the use of this web site (e.g. the restaurant to which an order is placed) . DeliveryNamibia.com enforces the rules stipulated in the law on protection of personal data.

Processing of Personal Data
The customers‘ personal data is only used as explained in the terms and conditions. DeliveryNamibia.com does not sell, give or publish customers’ data to outsiders for commercial purposes. We only disclose your address to the restaurant from which you placed the order, to make your order possible.

Relationships with the Restaurants Listed on the Web Site
When ordering from DeliveryNamibia.com we forward your order to the restaurant chosen. If for some reason the order is not possible, the restaurant will contact you as soon as possible. The order is only valid once confirmed by the restaurant. DeliveryNamibia.com plays a role of intermediary in this process. Actual conditions of delivery are variable and depend on the restaurant you selected. Responsibility for DeliveryNamibia.com is limited to sending the order to the chosen restaurant.

Responsibility of Restaurants
All restaurants registering on DeliveryNamibia.com are obliged to maintain open communication channels (at least by eMail) and answer orders and requests in reasonable time (i.e. within minutes rather than hours) during opening hours. DeliveryNamibia.com is not responsible for confirming client orders nor answering eMails on behalf of a restaurant.

Any payments are directly made by the orderer to the restaurant. The mean of payment is solely up to the restaurant. Generally most of the restaurants offer Cash-On-Delivery/Pickup as a payment option. We recommend to choose this option, as it is the safest. Other means of payment may include online payments, which are made directly through the website and are transferred to the applicable restaurant by DeliveryNamibia.com. Any problems with these payments, refunds etc are solely the responsibility of the orderer and the restaurant. DeliveryNamibia.com, by no means, can or will intervene in any payments.

Complaint Handling
DeliveryNamibia.com is not responsible for the service(s) delivered by the restaurant listed on our website. It is best to handle any problems directly through the restaurant. DeliveryNamibia.com does not prepare, package nor delivery any meals and thus is not responsible for e.g. the quality of a meal.

Newsletter and Spam
You can subscribe to DeliveryNamibia.com updates by eMail. This subscription can be cancelled any time. We do not send out any Spam.

DeliveryNamibia.com uses the technique called “Cookies” to increase user comfort. The cookie that uses DeliveryNamibia.com is a number that allows us to help you faster the next time you order. For instance, your postcode will be filled in automatically; you can also keep your personal information. Cookies are used to store the products to your shopping basket, which is a requirement to operate the website. By using cookies no personal data is transmitted via the internet.

All information are set, maintained and updated by the specific restaurants. DeliveryNamibia.com does not maintain any restaurant information. As such, all prices, conditions, opening hours and information are Subject to Change without prior notice!

Intellectual Property Rights
Delivery Namibia is a trademark™. You may not use, copy, adapt, translate and / or distribute DeliveryNamibia.com without prior permission. If you are interested in the possibility of using the site DeliveryNamibia.com (or part of the site) regardless of your goal please contact us.

DeliveryNamibia.com makes every effort to provide the best possible service to its customers. DeliveryNamibia.com cannot be held responsible for the malfunction of the site or related services. Delivery Namibia cannot be held liable for any damages, losses, delays or injuries occurring during or through the use of our service. DeliveryNamibia.com and this Agreement shall be governed under Namibian law.

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